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NASS Safety and Health Awareness Day 2017

EEF Technology Hub, 3, Nexus Point, Gavin Way, Birmingham B6 7AF

21st June 2017 at 10:00

The National Association of Steel Service Centres (NASS) in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Wolverhampton City Council and EEF, The Manufacturers Association held our annual Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) aimed at tackling common health and safety issues in the Steel Service Centre and Stockholding Industry. All sessions involved practical demonstrations or case studies in a group scenario to give delegates an opportunity to share and learn.


WG Safety and Environmental presented a session on Safety leadership with particular focus on communication and Managing risk to create a safe working environment. Details of the presentation and subsequent break out session can be found by following the link below, activities can be used for toolbox training and are subjective to the steel service centre environment.

Safety Leadership


NASS took a look at the updated HSG 246, written in conjunction with the HSE and Wolverhampton City Council which will be the main point of reference for HSE Inspectors investigating Steel Service Centres facilities going forward. Jenny Skeldon of the HSE presented on the Strategy for Great Britain for 2017-18. 

Please follow the link below for a presentation by the NASS Director General, Peter Corfield and information highlighting the key changes to the document. You can also follow the tool box activity to identify where guidance may be found within the HSG 246 to cover the breaches identified...  

HSG 246


EEF and SHE Ltd. focused on negating hazards during lifting operations including Safety Codes of Practice for various types of cranes and mobile equipment, the use of chain and rope and sling identification, safe working loads and use of crane controls. Follow the link below to view the presentation or tool box activities and associated case studies to identify risks associated with lifting operations in a steel service centre environment. 

Planning the lift


The HSL took a look at falls from vehicles with consideration for negating slip and trip hazards. Understanding the science behind slips and trips makes it easier to identify the true cause of a fall and prevent future incidents and this session highlighted successful interventions through equipment and PPE procurement which offer a great starting point for organisations looking to reduce falls. Please follow the link below to view the presentation.

Falls from vehicles


All presentations from the event and details of the subsequent toolbox activities and case studies can be found by follow the links above

Unfortunately, videos shown at this event are not available for further dissemination, apologies for any inconvenience.



For any further information or guidance please contact

Introduction to NASS SHAD 2017 - Peter Corfield, NASS Director General

Health & Safety Leadership - Rob Wright, W G Safety and Environmental

HSG 246 - Peter Corfield, NASS Director General

HSE Strategy for GB - Jenny Skeldon, HSE

Lifting and Cranes - Dean Bennett, SHE Solutions Ltd/ EEF

Falls From Vehicles - Rob Shaw, HSL